NW 58th between 6th Ave NW and 32nd Ave NW, 17th Ave NW  between NW 90th St and Ballard Ave.

Greenways are slow, low-traffic streets connecting parks, libraries, schools, and businesses for pedestrians and bicyclists who need safe and comfortable routes through the City. Formed in 2011, Seattle Neighborhood Greenways, http://seattlegreenways.org/, began as a volunteer coalition representing many neighborhoods across Seattle to plan and advocate for the City to build neighborhood greenways. Ballard residents and Groundswell NW, along with other Ballard community organizations came together to support a greenway along NW 58th St. resulting in Ballard’s first greenway opening September 2013 with a second greenway along 17th Ave NW opening in 2016. Groundswell NW continues to partner with the Ballard Neighborhood Greenways group through fiscal sponsorship and advocate for neighborhood greenways as the City considers new routes in Ballard.

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