Salmon Bay School Playground Funding Complete, Construction Underway

The effort to build a new play area at Salmon Bay School got the final piece of funding needed, just as construction got underway on July 30. Kudos to all who have shepherded this project along and contributed to its success. See this Ballard News Tribune article and this My Ballard post for more details.

Salmon Bay School Playground is October 2011 Park of the Month

Salmon Bay School's playground renovation project has been designed specifically for kids with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Did you know that ASD affects one in 110 children, and is more common than juvenile diabetes? Families with ASD need playspaces that bring out the best in their kids, and ones which help to turn strangers into friends as neighbors come to play together.

The project is kicking into high gear this fall, with a tremendous turnout of 540 people at the Let's Play Salmon Bay event on October 22nd, a community-wide celebration of play, inclusion - and fun. Participants learned about how the project helps to create a better playground for all kids, how it is helping to re-invigorate what inclusion means in our community, and how collaboration and commitment makes that happen.

With matching funding in hand through the Department of Neighborhoods and King County, the project is well on its way to opening the playground next fall, with an additional fundraising goal of $80K. For more information, see this Ballard News Tribune article, this My Ballard piece, this KOMO Ballard article, and visit the project's website where you can also sign-up to volunteer. Or contact project lead, Robin Wise Lofstrom, at, or 327-5782.