RainWise in Ballard

House picture

Sustainable Ballard is working with SPU to help spread the word about the RainWise program.

In the Ballard Basin*, property owners can get beautiful and functional landscaping, and stored rain water for watering gardens - with up to 100% of the cost paid by the City of Seattle.  (SPU paid for about 85% of our raingarden costs.)  It was designed and built by the Ballard Corners Park landscape architect, John Barker.

For additional information about raingardens, contact Jenny Heins of Sustainable Ballard.

*the Ballard Basin Rebate Area! This is roughly west of 15th Ave NW, and from NW 56th St to NW 85th. Check your address here! (Outside the area?  RainWise will be city-wide by the end of 2015.)