• Greenwood Senior Center (map)
  • 525 North 85th Street
  • Seattle, WA, 98103
  • United States
Spearheaded by the Transit Riders Union, a coalition of over 35 sponsoring organizations is working to convince the City of Seattle to pass a city law authorizing a local income tax on the wealthiest households in Seattle.  Our efforts at the moment are geared toward encouraging Seattle City Councilmembers to make this issue an immediate priority. 

As such we are hosting a series of Town Halls (one for each of the 7 city districts) and inviting the City Councilmember from that district to attend.  The Town Hall for District 6 will be on Friday, April 14 from 6-8pm at the Greenwood Senior Center.  Mike O'Brien will be attending.  Several sponsoring organizations will be part of the panel and providing resources for activism.  More details are available here:https://www.facebook.com/events/1782337642083083/

Please come to show your support of this initiative and to find out how you can get involved!