• Pacific Science Center (map)
  • 200 2nd Avenue North
  • Seattle, WA, 98109
  • United States

Who is P-22? National Wildlife Federation's Beth Pratt will share the story of the young male cougar who crossed two major Los Angeles freeways when he left his mother and struck out to find his own territory. In a feat that is nothing short of miraculous, he found his way. Yet now, P-22 is effectively trapped within the confines of Griffith Park—one of the largest urban parks in the country and home to the world-famous Hollywood sign. 

Surrounded by freeways and urbanized areas, P-22 is finding plenty of deer and other wildlife to eat, but has little chance of finding a mate. Alone in the park, he also faces threats such as exposure to rodenticides, and recently suffered from mange. While we celebrate P-22 and his unlikely story of survival, his situation is tenuous. This lonely cougar prompts us all find realistic solutions, among them, building a wildlife crossing to help other mountain lions avoid P-22’s fate. 

Beth will also have copies of her recent book "When Mountain Lions are Neighbors: People and Wildlife Working it out in California." 

Admission is $5. Free for Pacific Science Center members.