• Council Chamber, City Hall (map)
  • 600 4th Avenue
  • Seattle, WA, 98104
  • United States

Seattle City Council's Planning, Land Use and Zoning committee will hold an overview about a potential new urban tree ordinance. Here are 8 recommendations from the Urban Forestry Commission.   We invite you to attend the meeting or write to City Council (council@seattle.gov) to make your voice heard.

1. Adopt a policy of a net increase of Seattle’s tree canopy to reach the current goal of 30% tree canopy. 
2. Require replacement of trees removed that are 6” DBH and larger with equivalent sized trees either on site or pay replacement and maintenance mitigation costs into a City fund.
3. Expand the existing tree removal/replacement permit, 2-week notice and posting system used by SDOT – to cover all public and private trees 6” DBH and larger.
4. Establish one citywide database when applying for tree removal/replacement permits and to track changes in the tree canopy. 
5. Require a detailed Urban Forest Canopy Impact Assessment for all development projects.
6. Expand SDOT’s existing tree service provider’s registration and certification to include all tree service providers.
7. Consolidate tree oversight into one city entity: The Office of Sustainability and Environment. 
8. Emphasize native trees and vegetation, particularly conifers, to maximize sustainability and environmental services.