Gemenskap Park - credit Mithun, Inc.

Gemenskap Park - credit Mithun, Inc.

Just like the mason bees getting busy this spring pollinating the flowers that grow in our gardens and parks, Groundswell NW has been busy spreading wealth and providing mentorship to our community partners. We are pleased to be awarding Seattle Clean Street Collective with a $500 Groundswell NW microgrant to support their stewardship of Seattle green spaces, like their upcoming May 20 event at Marvin's Garden and Salmon Bay Natural Area. Learn more...

In park news, we are very excited to announce that Gemenskap park, the soon to be newest park in Ballard, just went out for construction bid in April with plans to start construction this summer. Groundswell NW, in partnership with the East Ballard Community Association, has been advocating for over 10 years to successfully bring this unique park into reality. Learn more...

Like the bees, we are asking you to pollinate our grant and mentorship programs with a donation through the Seattle Foundation's May 10 GiveBIG 2017 campaign. Your donation will allow Groundswell NW to continue to support groups, like the Seattle Clean Street Collective and the East Ballard Community Association, who are making a meaningful difference in our community.

Beat the rush and schedule your donation to Groundswell NW today.

Lastly, we invite you to join the EBCA on May 20 for Adopt-A-Street clean up, rain garden restoration and Greenstreet anniversary celebration.  Get your hands dirty & join us for planting, coffee, treats & connection.