Ballard Holiday Fest

Ballard Holiday Fest

Happy Holidays Groundswell Friends and Neighbors!

The end of 2018 is coming to a close, and we are thrilled to end on several high notes:

  • The East Ballard Community Association has been recognized by Seattle Parks with a Denny Award for their incredible work to complete the first phase of Gemenskap Park, an effort they began back in 2005. Congratulations to Groundswell NW Past President, Board Advisor and Local Hero Dawn Hemminger, Peter Locke and all the other EBCA stalwarts who had the vision and perseverance to see this complex project through to reality. Here's to seeing the vision of expanding these two blocks and connecting all the way from Ballard High to Salmon Bay!

  • Beginning in 2019, we are also happy to welcome a new team member to the Groundswell organization—David Traylor. David will work with the Groundswell NW board as bookkeeper and administrative assistant. David is a landscape architect and artist who comes with experience helping other non-profits like Urban Sparks and Seattle Parks Foundation. Many thanks to Chris Hemminger for his past efforts as a volunteer bookkeeper.

There are many exciting activities and celebrations taking place this season. Now through January 15, 2019, Groundswell NW has created an outdoor activity to peak your interest:

Mystery Park Bench Scavenger Hunt

Do you live in NW Seattle and have a natural urge to explore?  A good scavenger hunt in the neighborhood can satiate that urge while burning a few calories during the holiday season. Groundswell NW, in collaboration with Seattle Parks, recently completed the installation of a park bench in NW Seattle.  Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to find this bench by January 15, 2019. We will be offering clues throughout December and January on our Facebook Page and a randomly drawn winner will be announced January 16, 2019 to receive a $25 REI GIFT CARD. If you have found the bench, please post either a selfie or a photo of the lone bench to our Facebook page (do not reveal the location to others!)  With your post, tell us if the bench location inspires you and if not, what would you like to see happen to make this space more engaging? 

Your First Clue: TRIANGLE

Groundswell NW Board