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Friends of Kirke Park September 2012 Minutes Print E-mail

Attendance: Kelly Goold, SeaP&R, Barbara Hainley, Joan Weaver, Joani Kiehn, Anne Chafee, Peggy, Heidi Nelson, Alyssa Smith, Laura Rollins

Highlights: Work party 10/13, Trellis Grant and Fundraising info, Community Garden Planning, Update from Kelly Goold

Work Party planned for October 13.

· Alyssa has contacted Jesse, lead gardener at North Parks Maintenance, to schedule a pre work party walk through.  Goal is to outline tasks for parks staff vs tasks for volunteers.

· Tools will be requested one week before.

· Work party will start at 930 (with food) and continue until 1pm or so

· Alyssa will ask for donations from Ballard Market for the food

· Tasks at the work party: weeding, removing dead branches from trees, planting donated plants and moving crowded plants.


Kirke Park Update, March 2012 Print E-mail
Friends of Kirke Park minutes, March 21st
Fiscal Report for Friends of Kirke Park
Friends of Kirke Park has $6,924.14 in our account.  A historical plaque is planned and the remnant would go toward unfinished projects for the park.
Updates on Construction and Budget from Kelly Goold, Seattle Parks Department
Timeline: still expect punchlist to be done in early June.
Park Budget: The park will be over budget.  Four items may or may not be done.  Listed below in order of likelihood of completion by 6/15/12:
  • Lights (1st priority due to safety) - 90% likely to be installed
  • Trellis (second due to main feature and ease of installation prior to grand opening) - 50% or better chance
  • Rain Garden (can be done after main construction) - unlikely in first phase
  • Skate dot (can be built after main construction) - unlikely in first phase
Fundraising Opportunities:
Kirke Park Update, September 2011 Print E-mail


Minutes from FKP Meeting Wednesday, 9/21/2011, 6:00 p.m.

Place: 1006 NW 70th Street

Present: Joan Weaver, Joni Kiehn, Barbara Hainley

Kelly Goold, park project manager, was not present, but he had informed us via e-mail that the project will probably be bid in October and construction begin in December, giving us the go-ahead for harvesting/selling the variegated holly again this year.

We discussed the holly fundraiser, to be held Saturday, November 26, from 9-noon (work party) and noon-3 p.m., (sale).

Kirke Park Update, August 2011 Print E-mail
While waiting for construction to start, another movie night was held in the park in July. In preparation for the anticipated fall construction start, some large trunks were donated and delivered to the site, to be used as part of the adventure trail. See more in this My Ballard article and on the Kirke Park project page.
Kirke Park Update, May 2011 Print E-mail

Kelly Goold joined us and provided an update on the park’s construction. Construction will not begin until late August, at the earliest for the following reasons:

  • A fourth review for ADA requirements revealed they had to follow stricter interpretation than in projects past.
  • Play area ramp ratio slope changed. Path was graded to a gentler slope.
  • One set of benches/tables that could not be made ADA compliant was removed.
  • DPD – Parks has an exemption for grading in general, and did not apply for grading permit. Two levels of review confirmed the exemption, third review required grading permit, stating it was outside Park’s normal exemption. Parks appealed and lost.
  • Yardage for grading with new ADA changes requires a permit from the State, so additional review was needed.

Delay summary:

ADA changes +2 wks (already done)

DPD changes/new permits/review +2 wks (partially done)

Construction/bid review +6-8 wks

Safety note: Walls in the Secret Garden to be dropped to 3’ in most places – some full height left along east and south side

P-Patch Update: Residents living near the park and those on a P-Patch wait list should be receiving a post card soon with meeting dates (see this KOMO Ballard article for more info). The first date is 6/8 at 6:30pm in the park. Another meeting will be held on 6/18 at 11am in the park, rain or shine.


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