Kirke Park Update, March 2012

Friends of Kirke Park minutes, March 21st
Fiscal Report for Friends of Kirke Park
Friends of Kirke Park has $6,924.14 in our account.  A historical plaque is planned and the remnant would go toward unfinished projects for the park.
Updates on Construction and Budget from Kelly Goold, Seattle Parks Department
Timeline: still expect punchlist to be done in early June.
Park Budget: The park will be over budget.  Four items may or may not be done.  Listed below in order of likelihood of completion by 6/15/12:
  • Lights (1st priority due to safety) - 90% likely to be installed
  • Trellis (second due to main feature and ease of installation prior to grand opening) - 50% or better chance
  • Rain Garden (can be done after main construction) - unlikely in first phase
  • Skate dot (can be built after main construction) - unlikely in first phase
Fundraising Opportunities:
Opportunity fund letters are due in June.  The Parks epartment will have a better idea of mondey deficit in time for the application deadline.
Alyssa will submit the letter; please contact her if you would like to help.
Russell Foundation grants may be available for parts of the park not finished during initial construction.
Chucks on 85th holds fundraising beer tasting events for 503c groups; because we have GroundswellNW as a fiscal sponsor, we qualify.
Grand Opening Party should be late June, early July to let grass establish itself at Park.
Next meeting is third Wednesay in May at 6pm (place to be announced) mtg to focus on grant writing and party planning.