Friends of Kirke Park September 2012 Minutes

Attendance: Kelly Goold, SeaP&R, Barbara Hainley, Joan Weaver, Joani Kiehn, Anne Chafee, Peggy, Heidi Nelson, Alyssa Smith, Laura Rollins

Highlights: Work party 10/13, Trellis Grant and Fundraising info, Community Garden Planning, Update from Kelly Goold

Work Party planned for October 13.

· Alyssa has contacted Jesse, lead gardener at North Parks Maintenance, to schedule a pre work party walk through.  Goal is to outline tasks for parks staff vs tasks for volunteers.

· Tools will be requested one week before.

· Work party will start at 930 (with food) and continue until 1pm or so

· Alyssa will ask for donations from Ballard Market for the food

· Tasks at the work party: weeding, removing dead branches from trees, planting donated plants and moving crowded plants.



Community Garden Planning

· Contractor will be adding bedding soil to the garden beds; volunteers will add plants after this is done.

· Email will be sent out to our list asking for donations of dividable plants from neighbors gardens.  Master gardeners will compile and review plant submissions for appropriateness/maintenance ease and then contact people if the plant is okay.

· Plant donations should be dug up the day of the work party and delivered to the park. 

· Each donation should be about 1 hr of volunteer time to allow for digging and delivery, and should be reflected in the sign in sheet.

Update from Kelly Goold at Seattle Parks and Rec

· Lights: incorrect parts were shipped previously and the correct parts are enroute.  They will be installed in about two weeks when the contractor arrives to finish the punch list.

· SDOT: they are requiring sidewalk rebuilding to be done.  Parks/neighbors think its better to wait until we receive funding for the rain garden, because it will just be dug up again. 

· Budget: not much left because of SDOT’s new requirements

· Kelly will get Alyssa a materials list and line item schedule for the trellis grant.


· Kelly recommends we request $17,000 to make sure we are covered. 

· He said the highest reasonable bid we should take is $27,200

· Laura Rollins, Meg McNulty and Alyssa Smith will work on the Dept of Neighborhoods Grant.

· Soliciting donations of material from Limback

· Offers for fundraisers from Chucks Hop Shop and Noble Fir

· Our $6,000 or so in the bank will act as a base for the fundraising

· Volunteer labor will be matched at $20/hr