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Groundswell NW is looking for new board members!  Be a part of a positive, energetic, all-volunteer 501c(3) nonprofit with the mission to empower NW Seattle to create, activate and care for parks, open space and habitat.  We provide fiscal sponsorship, financial support and mentorship to community groups in NW Seattle. We also have a seat at the table in important city-wide decision making as it relates to parks, open space and habitat.  CLICK HERE for more information or to inquire about this opportunity.  

Home Insecurity & Public Lands

Groundswell NW and other public land organizations encourages our City Council to find a way forward that both acknowledges the humanitarian crisis and honors the need to keep vital parkland and natural areas truly public. To the extent that other city-owned property must be used as sanctioned campsites, we urge that these areas be carefully and consultatively chosen, equitably distributed and provided with vital services.  More on this topic HERE.  

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