Update on our First Microgrant Applicant

We received an update from Luke McGuff on how his microgrant is helping the Friends of North Beach Park.

"So far, I've spent $136.37 on newsletter supplies (printing ink, paper, postage) and $60.04 on tools (pruning saw, spade, etc.), for a total of $196.41, leaving me a balance of $303.59. I took a picture of the newsletter supplies and started a "Groundswell NW Microgrant" set on Flickr:http://flic.kr/s/aHsjCFbapq

"I sent an email to Stoneway Hardware on Friday, Oct. 26, asking them to extend the grant, but haven't heard back from them yet.

"I plan to do the newsletter this week. Whatever money is left over after the mailing will be added to the tools fund.

"I'll buy the tools in time for the November work party, and debut them there. I'll make sure to take before (clean) and after (used) pictures."

The Friends of North Beach Park are holding a planting party on 11/24, 9-12.  They are looking for volunteers to help out.  The park's main entrance is at NW 90th St and 24th Ave NW.

"This is our big planting party of the year. We have more than 100 plants, ranging from upland shrubs to wetland sedges, ready to go into various places in the park. If you haven't been to a workparty for a while, this is the one to come to. We'll have a lot to do. Work off those Thanksgiving calories!"

We are thrilled that our microgrant is helping this neighborhood group!