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Groundswell NW is committed to improving our local community through a variety of projects and initiatives. Download a copy of the latest Groundswell NW Annual News2013 Annual Report & Report for more detailed information our recent accomplishments last year and our current goals.

Ongoing Projects

Sunset Hill - Shilshole Gateway: A Neighborhood Matching Fund grant has been awarded to create a conceptual plan and initial improvements for the gateway corridor between Sunset Hill and Shilshole.

Kirke Park - The City purchased a 39,000 square foot former church property on the 7000 block of 9th Ave NW in 2008, and Groundswell helped neighbors organize to plan and build a new park.  The old building demolition is finished and the park's design is finalized.  The Friends of the Park have compiled a history of the property and posted it in this section along with minutes from their meetings. Construction on the park is expected to start in the fall of 2011, with funding from the Parks and Green Spaces Levy that Groundswell helped secure.

14th Ave NW Park - Residents and businesses developed a vision plan to improve the appearance and function of a one-mile stretch of 14th Avenue NW from Ballard High School south to the canal. A project funded by the Seattle Parks and Green Spaces Levy will convert two full blocks of 14th Ave. NW to a new park between NW 59th and NW 61st streets with transition lanes to the park from the north and south. Groundswell NW is an active supporter and fiscal sponsor for this community project.

Sunset Substation Park - Residents have a vision to transform a Seattle City Light substation property into a pocket park that incorporates renewable energy technologies that allow power generation and public use to coexist.

Salmon Bay Natural Area- Groundswell NW has worked with Seattle Public Utilities and other partners to raise over $1 million to purchase and begin restoration and public access improvements on this "last wooded shoreline in Ballard," south of NW 54th St. just east of the RR bridge.

Ballard Corners Park - (17th NW between NW 62nd & 63rd) - The Friends of Ballard Corners Park have created a park  located in the lots along 17th Ave NW between NW 62nd and 63rd Streets. In cooperation with the Seattle Parks Department this site was identified and purchased with Pro Parks Levy money. The Friends of Ballard Corners Park successfully applied for funds to design and develop a pocket park in this densely populated part of Ballard, with GNW as a key supporter and fiscal sponsor.  Now the "furniture" is in place, and the NE corner store feature are complete. Check it out.  The historic information about old stores in Ballard is fascinating.

Friends of the Troll's Knoll - Residents have come together to reclaim the blackberry overgrown public space on the east side of the Aurora right of way next to the Fremont Troll. This group is currently on the finalist list for the Parks Levy Opportunity Fund to design and develop this innovative park.

Hazel Heights P-Patch - This neighborhood P-Patch celebrated it's opening on March 21st. Groundswell NW and it's members helped raise $5,000 in 2009 to support this project.

Broadview Emergency Hub - The Broadview Emergency Preparedness group is helping local residents prepare for disaster at the household and block levels, equip and maintain 2 emergency communication hub sites in Broadview and train neighbors in CPR/AED and First Aid. Groundswell is the fiscal sponsor for this group's Department of Neighborhood's Matching Grant.

Bike Share Group - The Bike Share Group is focusing on designing and building bike-sharing systems to be used throughout the country. In 2010, Groundswell NW has granted The Bike Share Group a $5,000 matching grant to go toward setting up a bike share system in Ballard.

Walkable Crown Hill - Groundswell is the fiscal sponsor for a project to plan and implement pedestrian improvements on Crown Hill.

Salmon Bay Initiative - Working with Heron Habitat Helpers and the People for Puget Sound's ShoreWatch program, we have developed a Salmon Bay Walking tour and a Greater Salmon Bay Concept Plan with conceptual drawings of six sites around Salmon Bay to improve habitat and public access to Salmon Bay, including shoreline street-ends.

Waterfront Street Ends - Groundswell NW is working with Friends of Street Ends to improve and reestablish public use of waterfront street ends. For example, at the NW 57th Street End volunteers have improved the secluded beach with landscaping and seating.

Open Space Acquisition - We are continually pursuing the purchase of open space, surplus City Light substations and other vacant or underutilized property. The current focus is on preserving the open space at the surplussed Webster and Crown Hill elementary schools.

Community Environmental Education - We sponsor programs on issues such as habitat protection and backyard wildlife sanctuaries to raise public awareness of the need to improve our urban environment.

Burke-Gilman Trail - We are committed to helping the Friends of the Burke-Gilman Trail complete the bicycle and walking trail through Ballard, connecting from Golden Gardens to Marymoor and beyond.

Street Trees - We help anyone interested in getting street trees for the planting strips near their home and/or business.

Salmon Bay School "Lower Field" - We worked with the students, teachers, parents and neighbors to develop a design to renovate the 1-acre school recess area, then helped the Parent/Teacher Association apply for construction funds and complete the project. Earlier, Groundswell supported the conversion of the upper field from blacktop to an all-weather sports field.