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If you’re looking to live more sustainable and make a difference, the NW Earth Institute’s EcoChallenge is a fun step toward a lower impact lifestyle. Sustainable Ballard has a registered team!  Register today and join your neighbors who are taking action on behalf of the Earth.

What is the EcoChallenge? Every October, NWEI challenges you to choose one action to reduce your impact and stick with it for two weeks. You pick a category — water, trash, energy, food,  transportation or civic engagement — and set a goal that stretches your comfort zone and makes a difference for you and the planet.

Why take the EcoChallenge? The EcoChallenge is an opportunity to change your life for good. Common wisdom says it takes two weeks to change a habit: if you can stick with a new behavior for 14 days in a row, you’re a lot more likely to keep it up forever. EcoChallengers share their progress online and earn points for succeeding. The combination of collective inspiration, camaraderie and friendly competition makes change a little easier — and a lot more fun.

Contact: Jenny Heins; jenny@sustainableballard.org