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With our mission to create, activate and care for open space and habitat, Groundswell NW is endorsing Proposition 1 on the August 6th ballot. Proposition 1 is the King County 2020-2025 Parks, Recreation, Trails and Open Space replacement Levy. The levy replaces an existing levy passed by 80% of King County Voters in 2014. The levy proposes an increase to those monies, costing property owners $0.1832 per $1,000 of assessed valuation. The levy is widely endorsed by the Seattle Times and the Stranger. By voting yes on Proposition 1, you will be doing a part to support and preserve our remaining open spaces, improve trailhead parking, and refurbish play areas, to name a few. To learn more about the levy click here.


Groundswell NW February 2017 Newsletter

Groundswell NW February 2017 Newsletter

David  Mizejewski  and Cass Turnbull - guest speakers at GNW's 2016 Annual Meeting

David Mizejewski and Cass Turnbull - guest speakers at GNW's 2016 Annual Meeting


I am very sorry to start this month's newsletter with some sad news. Cass Turnbull, the founder of PlantAmnesty and long time friend of Groundswell NW, has passed away. It seems just like yesterday when Cass was on stage at our Annual Meeting in February kidding around and teaching us about the delicate balance between making our yards beautiful and attracting nature. We are so grateful for Cass' dedication to the environment and the impact she has made on the Groundswell NW community and throughout Seattle. Thank-you Cass for hosting pruning workshops for our 'Friends of' groups, advocating for substations in Ballard to be preserved for open space, being an advocate for Crown Hill Park, working tirelessly to save our trees through your TreePac advocacy arm, and keeping us in the loop on opportunities to engage and speak out. We will miss you, Cass, and know that your legacy will live on as your community takes on the torch to carry on where you left off. We will share with you plans to honor Cass as we learn more.  


You know spring is coming to the Northwest when you begin to see buds swelling and song birds looking for nesting places. But there is no better place and time for humans to be inspired for spring than at this year's NW Flower and Garden Show 'A Taste of Spring.'  The Northwest Seattle Community Habitat team, a Groundswell NW project, is collaborating with the National Wildlife Federation and Vireo Design Studio, to create a City Living display garden. The display is designed to inspire condominium patios and small backyard habitats, providing a condensed slice of nature to support and attract wildlife. We invite you to visit our wildlife refuge 'Wild by Design:  Setting the Table for Habitat' anytime during the show, February 22-26th.  For more show information visit: